What are TheWildWild figures made of?

The figures are made of resin and, depending on the size, partly also of fibre. The figures are cast or hand-laid, sanded, primed and painted. When they are unpacked, they may still smell of varnish due to the lacquering, but this will disappear after a short time. The products are fragile and not children's toys. The figures are intended for decorative purposes only. The lacquered figures are also suitable for outdoor decoration.

Are all The WildWild figurines identical?

Please note that each TheWildWild product is individually handmade and therefore has a very individual character and is unique. A product will not resemble a second product 1:1 and may have color variations, minor gradients, inclusions, minimal scratches, which are not defects and therefore not grounds for complaint

What if my package is damaged?

Upon delivery, the package should be inspected externally before acceptance and should not show any damage. If there is any damage, please do not accept the package.

When unpacking the goods, please be careful, sharp or hard objects can damage the goods / surface.

Each figurine is individually packaged for safe shipping and shipped separately.

Why does the color of my TheWildWild figure look different than on the screen?

Due to various technical conditions and individual screen settings, the colors may differ.

How do I maintain my TheWildWild figure?

For the painted figures, it is best to use a clean, wet cloth that is suitable for painted surfaces. Please make sure there are no dust particles or particles on the surface before wiping, otherwise the pressure and friction could cause scratches on the surface. The same care instructions apply as for automotive paint. Please do not use polishing compounds, sandpaper, etc.

The metal logo has come loose. What should I do?

If the metal logo comes off the painted surface, you can simply reattach it carefully with superglue. This is not a reason for complaint.